Get The TaHoma Attitude!

Somfy TaHome One simplifies interaction between you and your devices in your home. Let your home automatically manage blinds, curtains, awnings, lights, air-conditioning and  entertainment system while giving you a total control at your convenience.

With the intuitive and user-friendly interface on your smartphone, you can stay connected to your home at ease.

Creating a comfortable and welcoming environment is vital to enjoying your home.

Control the entire home
Centralise and control all the equipment in your home.

Play your favourite scenario
With just one touch you can create unique atmosphere to match your daily activity.

Schedule for an entire week
Automate your devices on a schedule; ideal for routine activity.

Presence Simulation
Simulate presence at home while you are away or on holiday.

Just 4 simple menus to manage all your home equipment

My Home
Control the entire home


My Scenes
Play your favourite scenario


My Remote Controls
Consolidate your IR controls

My Security*
Monitor your home from anywhere

* Please check with your local sales representative for availability.

A comfortable Home

Create the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience throughout your entire home with TaHoma One. Eliminate the need to walk from room to room to adjust your shades and lights to set the perfect ambience.

Simply control all the equipments individually or in groups, and create your lifestyle scenarios at your fingertips.

An Entertainment Home

Your family room is the most comfortable space where you gather to relax, entertain and share laughter together.

With TaHoma One it is easy to transform this space to accommodate all the activities you engage in. Unclutter the coffee table and reduce confusion with the simplicity of a single tablet the entire family can use to control everything:
TV, music, DVD player, projection screen, air-con, lights and shades.

Condense all remotes into a single interface!

The TaHoma One Box,
the heart of your connected home

This discreet box acts as the hub to centralise, control and manage all your home equipment.

The TaHoma One App

The Tahome One App is available on iOS and Android.

Tahome One PC software for Windows Download Here

TaHome One Pad

Add your 4 favourite scenarios into the TaHoma One Pad, place it near the entrance door to play your “Away” scenario. Just one push closes the curtains, turns off the air-con and the main light.


Each face represents a scenario, turn the Cubee to play your desired one. It is so simple to turn your room into your favourite atmosphere.

Happy Homes

New Systems Each Year

Connected Equipment


Home & Building Happiness

Looking to control TahomaOne in a community app which adds booking / orders / feedback / social to your condo or village?

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